Strategic takeaways from understanding the current state of the energy industry

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The global energy demand will continue to increase for the next three decades, with renewables, such as solar and wind production, at the forefront in 2050 (see figure).

The rise in energy demand and consumption we’re experiencing creates an immediate need for further efficiencies in the industry as a whole. As a result, society is seeing disruptive trends on a global scale, bringing about changes for businesses, local governments, and individuals for years to come.

While important for those directly involved, these trends are just as important to understand from the perspective of a consumer. For example, power from renewables…

Exploring the power of Extended Reality Technology in Education & an Interview with a Program Manager of Google’s ARCore

Image Credit: vectorfusionart/Shutterstock

The dream of becoming Indiana Jones and exploring hidden temples in remote lands is now possible.

Virtual, Augmented, along with Mixed Reality technology, collectively known as Extended Reality, or XR, is making this life-long fantasy come true.

The development of modern-day XR has come a long way since its introduction in the late 1960's when Ivan Sutherland created the first actual VR Head Mounted Display (HMD) in 1968. However, when looking at the modern-day version of this tech, we’ve seen outstanding progress and use cases just in the past decade.

So, with XR becoming a cornerstone in today’s digital culture…

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